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Murray Electric Systems Whole Home Wifi

Call us today to talk about getting the Plume Managed Wifi Solution.

With the Plume Managed Wifi Solution, you will have the control in your hands to do things such as setting parental controls, viewing network health, and setting up guest passwords all from your mobile device.

Murray Electric is excited to offer this service to it's customers as a way to further provide the most reliable internet service in town.

Reach us at (270) 753-5312 and let one of our dedicated representatives talk with you you all about what the Plume Managed Wifi Solution can do for you!








Lighting our community one POWERful service at a time. Since 1942

High Speed Internet, WIFI, Digital Cable with HD, Electric and Telephone

Pay by Phone: 1-888-220-6228

Pay Online:

Pay at our Kiosk with 24-hour access (401 Olive St.)

PrePay: • 1-888-220-6228




Murray Electric System (MES) is a local electricity distributor for Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) who serves the city of Murray, Kentucky. Along with providing electricity, MES also offers broadband services that include digital cable, high speed internet, residential & commercial security services, life power, surge protection, video services and telephone services. MES is proud to serve, and be part of, a strong community such as Murray. For 75 years our customers have been our focus, and we continue to strive daily to uphold the tradition of providing exceptional customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One way we continue to focus on our customers is by steadily implementing new customer service conveniences to meet the demands of our ever-changing and fast-growing community. MES is committed to more than just providing utility services-we are committed to building relationships and providing the citizens of Murray with a local utility in which they can be proud.









New Convenient Payment Methods

Murray Electric System has implemented three new and easy ways to pay your bill;

- A Kiosk with 24-hour access at our 401 Olive Street location.

- Our Online Portal or

- Phone: 1-888-220-6228

The Power of Convenience.



Operation Security Blanket

Murray Electric System launches the OSB program that allows area schools and head starts to receive donated panic alarms.  More information coming soon. 


Proud Member of the Community

Murray Electric System has been providing reliable power to the City of Murray for over 68 years, and we are proud to not only provide services, but to also be your neighbors.

When a MES employee comes to your home, or you come in to our office, you are dealing with someone that is from around here. When you talk to someone at MES, you can be sure that you are talking to someone that knows this are very well.


Watch TV Everywhere

watchTVeverywhere streams some of your favorite channels and programming to your tablet, smartphone, laptop, and other devices from anywhere you can access the internet: In your house, at the office, in a hotel, on vacation, just…..everywhere!


Click here, select Murray Electric System as your provider, sign up using your MES account information, and begin enjoying your programming on the go!

TVA Energy Right and

Murray Electric System

You can take a free evaluation online or schedule a TVA-certified evaluator to perform one in your home. Click Here to find out how.