Commercial Internet Rates    Rules & Regulations


The information below will provide you with details on commercial broadband internet access. For residential service, please see this page.

Commercial Tier 1
Commercial Tier 2
Commercial Tier 3
Commercial Tier 4
25 Mbps Down
75 Mbps Down
150 Mbps Down
300 Mbps Down
Starting from
1 Mbps Up
1.5 Mbps Up
3 Mbps Up
6 Mbps Up

Optional Services:
Static IP Address: $5.00 per month

*Plus franchise fee to all Internet rates

Any damage to fiber optic lines due to actions by a customer, or their representative, will be billed at $100 per hour.

Special packages are available on request with up to 20 Mbps upload bandwidth, call or come in for more information.

Additional e-mail addresses available at additional costs. Multiple internet connected devices will require a router.

MES reserves the right to monitor usage of bandwidth and to adjust charges accordingly.


To do a Internet speed test go to

Click here for the Commercial Service Application.