Changes to Procedures


Any changes or inquiries to your account will require verification/validation before request can be completed.                    

  1.  In person transactions:  Photo ID or MES CSR having personal knowledge of customer.  Name changes will also require:  copy of Marriage License or Divorce Decree.  A photo ID will be required for all credit card payments as well. 

  2. Over the phone transactions:  Last four digits of the customers Social Security number and PII Code (Personal Information Code) that will be created in the near future.


All new residential requests for service with MES will require the following before service will be established in addition to existing requirements (see Requirements For New Residential Customers). 

  1. A Social Security # or Green Card

  2. Government issued picture ID (Drivers License, State Issued ID card or Military ID), or Passport, or Birth Certificate. 

***If the above listed requirements are not provided or the identification results in a "red flag" warning through our Credit Reporting Agency, Murray Electric System will withhold service.