Murray Electric Security

The Power to Protect.

Burglary Detection:

Let Murray Electric continue to provide you with the power to protect your home and what you value most inside and out, against unexpected events. Providing Door/Window Contacts, Motion Detection, Glass Break, Sirens and more to keep your home safe and sound.

Fire Protection:

Providing monitored smoke, heat and low temperature detection to act as your first defense against an unexpected fire.

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Wireless Monitoring:

If you are currently a cell phone only home or business, thinking about getting rid of your landline, or concerned about the possibility of your landline being cut, we have a solution for you. Wireless monitoring is available to provide you with continued reliability and fast communication without relying on a phone line.

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CO Protection:

Also known as the “silent killer” our monitored CO Detectors react to the first sign of carbon monoxide, even at the lowest levels.

Maintenance Agreements:

Protect yourself in the case of an unexpected service call. Add our maintenance for only $3.95 additional a month and don’t worry about hourly rates or the need to pay for installation costs when you decide to add additional equipment.

Total Connect and IP Video:

Providing you with added peace of mind to know your home is protected 24-7 through your smart phone and computer. Receive text message and email alerts or notifications, set your system virtually anywhere or check in on your pets, children and company with this additional service. Learn more at

Additional Services:

Life Safety, Flood Detection, Temperature Detection and Asset Protectio

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