Commercial Internet Rates    <Rules & Regulations>


The information below will provide you with details on commercial broadband internet access. For residential service, please see this page.

Commercial Tier 1
Commercial Tier 2
Commercial Tier 3
Commercial Tier 4
5 Mbps Down
15 Mbps Down
30 Mbps Down
60 Mbps Down
10 Mbps Down
500 Kbps Up
1.5 Mbps Up
3 Mbps Up
6 Mbps Up
10 Mbps Up

Optional Services:
Static IP Address: $5.00 per month
Additional E-Mail Addresses: $1.50 per month

*Plus franchise fee to all Internet rates

Additional e-mail addresses and alias e-mail addresses available at additional costs. Configuration and/or installation of an Ethernet card (NIC) in your PC must be done prior to final installation and will be at the customer's expense. Multi computers also will require additional equipment. (ask for the list of Qualified Contractors Network who we are recommending customers to use.)

MES reserves the right to monitor usage of bandwidth and to adjust charges accordingly.


To do a Internet speed test go to

To change your e-mail settings go to

Click here for the Commercial Service Application.