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Mission Statement
“We will serve our customers with competitively priced, reliable electric and telecommunications service. We will provide additional services that allow customers to enjoy the full benefits of municipal ownership.”

Murray Electric System has been and will continue to be proactive in system planning, improvements, and implementing new customer service improvements and collaborating with our partner TVA in meeting the demands of an ever changing and fast-growing community.

The operation of a power system is a twenty-four-hour, 365 day per year job. Be assured that MES is constantly on the job to keep your power on and your comfort level high in your workplace and residence. We consider it an honor to serve this community, and our commitment level is high from our Board, management, and staff.

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Commercial Service Application, Rental Statement, Fuel Costs in Customer Bills, MES Residential Application, Property Owner Master Account List, Bank Draft Authorization Form and Open Records Form.