Pre-Pay Services

The POWER to Change Everything and Put the POWER in the Customers Hands

Pre-pay gives customers what they want - an opportunity for daily visibility and control over their utility power and consumption. Customers can now see the effect of their electric usage in real time and not once a month when traditional billing comes. Eliminating surprises and allowing the customer to set thresholds and budget their hard earned dollars. Just as you would with the gas in your gas tank, a pre-paid electric account, gives you the options to control when and how much you want to 'refill' your account. Customers don't always realize how much electric they consume on a daily basis and having the ability to keep tabs on what they do each day, allows them to make adjustments before it’s too late and the bill becomes too much to handle.

The POWER to Reach Everyone's Needs

Pre-pay is a perfect solution for anyone that wants to take control and be involved in how they use their electric. Pre-pay puts the responsibility into the customers hands and lets them be the driver of their account. Its a solution for all types of customers. Budget minded customers who like to keep track of how their dollars are spent with daily or weekly budget goals. Customers who are energy savings minded and want to control how much they consume each day. Customers who like feedback. Customers who want to prevent a barrier with a deposit fee. Customers who are paying for college or student utility bills. Customers who prefer flexibility with their payments and prefer to not have barriers on when they have to pay. Not matter the reason, pre-pay provides a solution that reaches many customers.

Pre-Pay provides the POWER of flexibility and the POWER to Stay Informed

Customers are now able to stay up to date and be notified of how they are using their energy, and how it is affecting their billing through real time feedback and not just once a month. Customers can receive real time text message alerts, emails and phone calls when they are over using or reaching a set limit. What to be alerted when to add money? What to be notified your account balance? Want to view estimated days on your balance? All easy with the Smarthub mobile app. Control the notifications you want to receive and set times for certain notifications to push to your phone or inbox. Want to manage your account online or over the phone? Absolutely a possibility with pre-pay.

Pre-Pay provides the POWER of Convenience

Want to 'refill' your account every week? Want to add a little here and there with each paycheck? Earned extra income from a recent yard sale or consignment and want to put a little back on your account? Absolutely. That is what pre-pay is for. Each day your balance will adjust based on your household consumption, allowing you to put back a little here and there. Not only that, but we provide lots of options for 'refueling' your account.

To simply manage your pre-pay account over the phone, you can call the provided 24/7 MyUsage number at (888) 220-6228.

Pre-Pay provides the POWER to combine additional services

Just as your electric is deducted daily, the cost of monthly broadband services (such as cable, internet, security or telephone) can be added to your pre-pay account and deducted daily. The addition of broadband services does require a utility credit check established by Online Utility Exchange. If a deposit is required for broadband services, customers can choose to add that charge to their account for $.17 daily. If a customer request a DVR and pose a credit risk, they will be required to pay a $100.00 deposit per box initially when signing up for services.

Pre-Pay provides the POWER Simplicity

No deposit. No monthly surprises with a traditional bill (in fact pre-pay customers do not receive a bill). An opportunity for energy savings and savings in your bank account. What's not to love? Are you a traditional customer currently and interested in switching? We can help!

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Should your balance fall below into the negative, you may be subject to immediate disconnection. Simply recharge your account by making a payment to MES. Once you meet the minimum reconnection balance of $25.00 and the $10.00 disconnection fee, your electric meter will be reconnected.


Any account older than 10 days will be reconciled at the end of the month. These reconciliations may not be seen by the customer until the beginning of the following month. MyUsage is a third party vendor that communicates with MES’s billing and metering systems to create its usage statements, there may be variations due to rate structures and/or communications delays. As a result, any discrepancies between the MyUsage portal and MES’s billing systems will be corrected in reconciliations.

For after hours technical support, call (270) 753-5312

For additional information, please read Our Rules and Regulations and Our Service Agreement.