Whole Home Surge Protection

Murray Electric System provides whole home surge protection for all of your home electronics and appliances. Please read below for more details.

Whole home surge protection is available for all residential customers, provided certain criteria are met (see Program Requirements). Renters and homeowners alike may apply for this service. Surge protection is not available for commercial and industrial customers.

Ground Inspection
Proper grounding at the point of service is of utmost importance with whole home surge protection. Due to this fact, a qualified MES employee will inspect your ground rod after you have contacted our office. There is no charge for this inspection. If it is determined that your home is properly grounded, we will proceed with installation of surge protection devices. If your home does not meet minimum grounding requirements, you will be advised to repair your ground rod before installation can occur.

Even if you choose not to go with whole home surge protection from Murray Electric, we highly recommend that you keep your home properly grounded. Doing so can help prevent damage to your home and possibly loss of life. If you have questions about grounding, please call us at (270) 753-5312.

Program Requirements
A two year contract is required for all residential customers as long as you remain on Murray Electric System's power service. In the event that you transfer off our service, you will be required to pay the remaining balance for your contract.

As previously stated, renters are also able to apply for this service. However, written permission from the property owner must be received by Murray Electric prior to inspection and service installation. Renters should also keep in mind that they are signing a two year contract, and if they move to another location on Murray Electric's power, the surge protection service will also have to be transferred.

Customers who subscribe only to Murray Electric power service, and wish to receive surge protection, will be charged a rental fee of $10 per month for the outdoor unit. Indoor point-of-use units will be available for these customers at the usual retail rate.

Customers who are on our power system and also subscribe to at least Tier 1 internet service or expanded basic cable will not pay a monthly rental fee for the outdoor unit. Additionally, they will receive a discounted rate for the indoor point-of-use units.

Regardless of discounts or what services customers have, the two year contract will remain in effect.

TESCO Contact Information

Please visit TESCO's website for additional information, or call (800) 426-2826 to speak to a TESCO representative.