Murray Electric System Identity Theft Program

In the time it takes to read this first sentence there will be four (4) new victims of identity theft in the United States.

The fastest and most financially devastating crime in the United States is identity theft. The emotional and financial cost to the victim can affect their quality of life. In a utility, breaches in information security, lessen the trust the public must place on us to establish the power supplier/consumer relationship.

Murray Electric System will implement our new Identity Theft Program and Policies effective November 1, 2008.

Changes to Procedures

Any changes or inquiries to an existing customer account will require verification/validation before request can be completed. All new residential customer requests for service with MES will require proper identification in addition to existing requirements (see Requirements For New Residential Customers list).

Requirements For New Residential Customers

Murray Electric System hopes to simplify the electric application process by asking all new applicants to follow the simple guidelines outlined.

The FTC Law

The Federal Trade Commission and the federal financial institution regulatory agencies have sent to the Federal Register for publication final rules on identity theft "red flags" and address discrepancies. To read the full article please click here.